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Autumn Reading

Summer flew by and for many it was filled with busy work schedules, getting kids to camp and working in as many barbeques and beach days as possible. Why summer is the time reading lists are popular is puzzling considering that it’s maybe one of the busiest times of the year. Instead, perhaps consider a title from Brightly’s recommended summer reading for parents this Autumn. A cup of tea or a warm, weighted blanket would be the perfect pairing for a peaceful activity.

You can find the reading list at:

Consider the two Dr. Daniel J. Siegel & Tina Payne Bryson books The Whole-Brained Child & No-Drama Discipline. Highly renowned by parents and therapists alike, these two approachable reads help shed light on how brain physiology and functioning impacts a child’s experience of parent-child dynamics. In The Whole-Brained Child, learn about what makes your child tick and how their seemingly negative behavior may actually be an age-appropriate reflex of their developing brain. Gaining this insight can help you to improve your approach to deescalating intense, emotional outbursts and tantrums. In No-Drama Discipline, take your skills to the next level and gain expertise in figuring out the right type of discipline and structure for your child’s individual needs.

You can find these books at the links below, available in Paperback, Kindle or Audiobook versions!

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